Sunday, March 15, 2009

Just In Time: Different Prespective

Hello Friends

I was recently preparing a Just In Time Training Module in my company. And my biggest challenge was how to explain it to high school pass operator.

So, the following two points I thought of:
1. JIT is like driving a sports car at a speed of 200 miles/hr. Imagine when you are driving a bicycle at the speed of 20 what is important to you. And in comparison when you are driving a sports car on the track what is important to you. I think when you are driving sports car the most important thing to you is Reliability of your machinery. When we are talking about JIT then Reliability doesnt come only under machinery, but the whole process means whole supply chain or value chain per se.

2. JIT is like a relay race where next player can't run till the earlier one hasn't handed over baton to him. This is in essence the Pull System which is pillar of JIT. Also it defines the very existence of Kanban system.

If you have any more ideas do lemme know.


Book Section: The Goal by Goldratt

I read this book, after i was recommended by my friends atleast dozen times.
I was surprised that this book is in story form, where the author has explained lot of management tactics via form of situations arising in front of our Hero.
I was more surprised to learn that this book was a textbook of MBA students in NITIEE.
It definitely acts as a source of inspiration to all management practioners in general and to operations guys in particular.
It is this book in which Goldratt founded the concept of Theory of Constraints.
A must read.
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