Friday, March 5, 2010

Is Gmail or Google Account Safe???

Dear Friends

Just 2 days back I accessed my gmail. It was normal. After another half an hour I operated it, I was unable to access it. On trying I came to understand that not only Gmail but the whole google account got deleted i.e. orkut, google docs, blogger all gone in one go. I was unable to understand, when nobody else knew my password and I didnt delete it then how its possible.

I tried to approach various offices of Google India, but couldnt locate relevant guys there.

All this time, I was tense, all my contacts, all my data of 4 years including the whole data of my MBA, down the drain. It was indeed a major loss, for a netizen like me.

Now, next day I filled the lengthy google form, that I can't access my account. In half an hour my gmail and blogger was restored. Again, no intimation by google, that what went wrong, and is it safe in future or not.

Now after 3 days, still my orkut profile remains deleted. And I am unable to do much about it.

So, the point of me sharing this information is, that as most of us keep most of our data in the form of stored mails on gmail and other popular emails, is it really safe practice? So, please please dont use just one id, use multiple ids, if possible from different service providers like yahoo and hotmail. Secondly, regularly download your contacts in the form of CSV format. Thirdly, please keep all your important data in hard disk or computer, and keep on updating it on regular basis.

Because, if it can happen to me, it can happen to you also.

Prabal Aggarwal

Monday, March 1, 2010

The New Era of Offensive Advertising in India

Dear Friends

I was seeing TV on last Friday, after so many days, and suddenly I saw the ad of Rin (HUL), in which it is openly negating Tide(P&G), its competitor brand. I was simply shocked. In fact shocked is an understatement, i was horrified. Never seen such an ad in my life.

Is it new way of offensive advertising? How will it effect the future of advertising? I am unable to answer these questions.

Kindly give your opinions about the same.
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