Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Interesting Applications: That can make Professional Live Easier

Dear Friends

Since, last few days, whenever I used to browse google on my mobile handset, there was a footer ' Google Search by Voice' . I kept on ignoring, this for couple of days. Then, finally I downloaded the app from and tried it. I was simply amazed. I never thought that voice can be substitute of text, because of tones, volume and dialect, which vary inevitably. But, it works. I won't say, that it works perfectly, but reasonably well to start with. And, morover Google has, given the option in settings to choose the type of dialect. In my case it was 'Indian English'. And, I am sure, that sooner or later Google will drill down to North Indian English, East.............., West......................, South..................... And then it will further drill down to Punjabi English, Haryanvi English.................. So, its a good start.

Secondly, application which I recently came across is Google Maps, whose app can be downloaded from here . Google has done a wonderful job, to create maps of all the major cities of India. Then there are features like, the level of traffic on the particular road (presently available only for Metro Cities). Another feature is, directions i.e. you define your starting point and ending point, and the transport mode. Google will give you different alternative routes for it. Above all, I liked the feature Latitude. This enables you to define your current latitude(location)- automatically (via wifi connections, mobile tower settings and Satellite) or manually or even invisible. The interesting thing about this feature is that you can invite your friends to connect and share their latitudes(location) with you. Now it will make easier to meet friends whenever we happen to be on a nearby locations. But, the flip side is that, I am sure that companies sooner or later, will make it compulsory for its employees to share their latitudes with their company database. I know its a debatable topic. And, I am sure, if it happens, then the subsequent action will be by Human Right Activists, against such enforcement by companies. Surely, it will interesting tussle, and finally(hopefully) free will prevail.

Anyway, I just wanted to share these two interesting applications, which has made my professional life easier.
Prabal Aggarwal
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