Monday, March 17, 2008

Reflections on the past two years at IIMA

Sometime back, a freind had asked me how we (IIMA people) solve a case. What is it that we do differently when we solve a case and when I thought about it, my honest answer was nothing different. We still do the same things, we look at the data, we analyse it, and give our recommendations.
So what is different about an MBA from IIMA?
Now that I have spent 2 years here and am on the verge of graduation, I was stumped by this question and spent some time reflecting on the two years here and how it has changed me. Well in my opinion, the biggest value add that I received from the two years here was more personal than academic. (yes all the assignments and cases and discussions did help me think in a more structured manner)
The rigorous first year is the key I'ed say. When I came here, I had no idea that I was capable of working so hard. Sleep at 2 am and be ready for class at 9am day after day. Nightouts, read 100-200 pages daily. Be prepared with the basics and the class starts assuming you know the basics. Plus couple this with being part of campus activities. When I look back, though the second year has made me a bit lazy, but if it really came to it, I can do it again and it won't scare me.
The two years here have really seen me stretch myself to the limits, and I am much more confident of my abilities than I was before I came here. Learning to manage your time well, so that you can also make time for some other things you like and not get caught up finishing your academic work, increased stress resistance and even higher failure tolerance. Outside of IIMA each one of us was probably amongst the top in our respective colleges, once you come here, you realise that there are others far better than you. First there is denial, then you taste failure, then you decide that its time to work harder and you improve on your past performance. It its things like these that have been the most value add to me, not the thousands of cases we did, yes they did matter, they did help in broadening our outlook, but in my opinion I value the personal growth more.


Prabal Aggarwal said...

Hi Sankey

Thanks for writing this article. Well, i still remember that i asked you this question. It has been beautifully answered in the article.

Keep Writing


berto said...

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