Monday, April 4, 2011

Is there something like Strength or Weakness?

Well weird question. Isn’t it??

I was also taught SWOT analysis in B-Schools. And we are trained to see in the frameworks of Strengths & Weaknesses.

“Everybody has some strength. We need to identify it and utilise it.” Isn’t it again the familiar sentences??

I also, used to quote the same wherever I got a chance. But, in reality never got the meaning of it. And I am sure, there must be couple of others (if not all), who are yet to get the meaning of it.

Well, when we talk about Strengths & Weaknesses, its always like

· Extrovertness

· People’s guy

· Bold

· Go-getter

· Multi Tasking

· .....................

· ......................

But, are these actually the Strengths?

Can extrovert person fit in everywhere? Can Bold person work or required in all the scenarios? What if everybody is Bold? Can it lead to non-productive ego tussles in the environment?

The idea, is there is nothing called Strength or Weakness. But, the Personality Attributes.

And in which scenario, the Personality Attribute is being used makes it Strength or Weakness.

Lets take the example of the person who is having irritating personality, for most of the humans. What will you call such an attribute? I am sure, most of us will choose it as Weakness. And I agree, in most of the scenarios, it will be a Weakness.

Now, there are situations, where we need to get work done from external peoples like vendors. And many a times, pleasing persons are not able to get the work done. So depute the irritating guy on vendor end, and many a times, you will see vendor, just to avoid contact with this person, gets the work done faster. I know, it may seem unethical. But, it happens

Similarly, introvert guy, is normally perceived as a weak person. But, when you need a R&D guy, whom you just shut in the lab and forget it , do you think extrovert guy can survive? In such scenario, extrovertness is weakness while introvertness is strength

Not making this article too long, I will repeat there is nothing called strength or weakness, but personality attribute. Its use in a particular scenario, makes it strength or weakness.


Anish Goyal, India said...

Good article. Though provoking.

Prabal Aggarwal said...

Thanks Anish

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