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Just Another Explorer: When to do MBA??

When to do MBA??

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This is my fifth article in the series. Earlier four were:

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3. Why I am MBA, not an Engineer??

4. Is Professional Networking Important??

I come across this question quite frequently from lot of students and professionals in their early years of jobs. And, I remember, I also used to seek the answer this question incessantly prior to my MBA. So, I thought, why not write an article reflecting my point of view on the same.

Bachelors of Cramming

Well, most of the times, when one is doing his Bachelors Degree, one is not able to make head and tail of why the particular subject is being taught i.e. what is the actual significance of the subject and its application in real life. And the result is “ Congratualations!! You have cleared Bachelors of Cramming degree!!”

And when one comes to real job related to his qualification, its most of the times eye opener and a shock. And one regrets wasting so many valuable years in cramming and mugging the subjects, instead of actually getting insight in to it.

But, it’s natural, especially in Indian Education system, where the course curriculum and teaching methodology forces students to cram the things instead of mastering them.

Masters of Cramming

So, do you want the same thing to be repeated? Do you want Masters of Cramming degree to be added to your resume? I mean do you want to go for next degree to repeat the same story of cramming?

And especially in the course of MBA, where

· Where theory is very near to actual trends of the corporate irrespective of degrees unlike Engineering?

· Where the companies actually look for understanding and clarity of the business perspective one has developed via the course?

When to do MBA?

Well for Masters of Cramming course the best choice will be immediately after Bachelors of Cramming.

And, the alternate choice is to do Déjà vu MBA

By Déjà vu MBA, I mean when during MBA during every lecture, case study, group assignments and discussions, one gets feeling of Déjà vu, most of the times.

· “Yes! This is the way our Human Resource Policies were implemented!”

· “Yes! This is the way we worked on prototyping new product!”

· “Yes! This is the way; we helped our boss to make his budget proposal!”

· “Yes! This is the way; we resolved customer complaint by troubleshooting quality problem!”

So, my take is to have experience of at least 2-3 years before going for MBA. The reason is, in 2-3 years one is able to form framework of corporate functions in the mind. And basics are same across all the industries. Thereafter one’s mind starts making correlation to your experience in corporate with the study of MBA. And one will be able to a actually learn and build upon the subjects.

1 year Vs 2 year MBA

Also, traditional MBA courses of 2 year duration in India is designed for freshers, who need lot of basic training just to have feel of corporate framework and then 2 to 2.5 months summer trainings, which doesn’t add much value if one has decent experience.

So, I feel the new trend of 1 year MBA is sufficient for experience holders to actually get the feel of Business, and in addition one saves 1 year of earning and actual experience

Finally I would like to say, its just my point of view, which I have gained through going through circumstances, which most of the Graduate Students and the Professionals in their initial careers, are going through. Also, this article is written in general sense, while exceptional students, teachers, institutes are always there.

Just Another Explorer

Prabal Aggarwal

PS: I got lot of queries, via forwarded mails that can one forward or use the earlier articles, I have written with the same motive.. The very idea, of this article is to share experience, so that the mistakes I did in my professional life, others shouldn’t do it. Even if one professional or student is benefited by this, my purpose is more than served. So, friends if you like it spread it. That’s the whole idea of sharing.

Friends, as an author of this article, I authorize anybody, can use this article for publishing on any media i.e. print, visual, audio, internet, forwarding emails, intranets, etc. Only request is that, the name of the author, body of the article shouldn’t be changed or altered. Secondly, would request to mention that this article was originally written & posted by Prabal Aggarwal, on August 21st , 2011 on . You can start discussing with me and other readers, by commenting on the blog post. Also, if anybody using this content, feel like that monetary contribution should be made, you can donate on my behalf that sum of money to Project Why (, not for profit organization.

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