Friday, August 8, 2008

Contents of a Business Plan

Executive Summary
Vision, mission, objectives
Current state of business
Products and services
Strategy and sources of sustainable competitive advantage
Customer acceptance
Summary financial forecasts
Money required, timing and deal on offer

Basic business information
Contact Information
Document control
Proffesional advisers
Legal structure and corporate data

Current Business situation
Definition of current business and its markets
Corporate history, major events and past financial performance
Current business and market position
Core competencies
Current business organisation and outline business infrastructure

Strategic analysis
Political, economic, social and technical anlysis and impacts
Key differentiators and unique selling points
VRIO analysis
Core competencies
Confirguration of resources
Value add analysis
Value chain analysis
Value system
Resource audit
Operations resources
Human Resources
Organisational resources
Financial resources
Industry life cycle
Industry structure
Competitor analysis
SWOT analysis

Strategic Plan
Vision, mission and objectives
Sources of sustainable competitive advantage
Competitive position
Marketing positioning
Brand Strategy
Portfolio strategy
Business design

Marketing Plan
Market segments, size and growth
Description of customers and customers needs
Target market segments
Product positioning and value proposition
Marketing mix
Description of products and services
Pricing and discounting
Advertising and promotional plans
Channel and distribution strategy
Guarantees and warranties
After sales service and customer care
Comparison with competition
Performance and economics
Marketing forecasts

Physical location
Make or buy considerations
The production process
Facilities, equipment and machinery
Scalability of operations
Engineering and design support
Quality control plans
Staffing recruitments
Sources of supply of key materials

Research and Development

Management and Organisation
Organisation chart
Top Management
Management's ability to deliver the plan
Corporate governance and shareholder control
Labour Relations
Office space and amenities
Employee and related costs

Forecasts and financial Data
Summary of performance ratio
Sales forecast
Assumptions underpinning financial forecasts
Profit and loss account
Balance sheet
Cash flow statement
Evaluation criteria and valuation
Discounted cash flow
Break even
Sensitivity analysis

Summary of operations prior to financing
Current shareholders loans oustanding
Funds required and timing
Use of proceeds
The deal on offer
Anticipated scenarios and strategic responses
Specific risks and risk reduction strategies

Business Controls
Information Technology
Sales and marketing
Other controls

Glossary of terms
Details of market research
Consultants' reports
Product specifications
Marketing collateral
Orders in hand
Organisation charts
Curricula vitae
Detailed financial forecasts

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