Wednesday, September 3, 2008

L'Oreal Paris Menexpert

L'Oreal is a brand that is extremely popular among females. Anyone who thinks of beauty thinks of L'Oreal. But it is relatively unknown among men. If it is known at all, it is for high quality beauty care for women. So, L'Oreal has an image that is strongly feminine.
But L'Oreal wants to change that image now. With the rising of the Metrosexual Man, L'Oreal has come up with an exclusive range of men's grooming products. These products are mainly skin care and shaving products, under the brand name 'L'Oreal Paris Menexpert'
There have been similar other attempts by personal care giants trying to woo the man with products that were popular among females. Eg. HLL's Fair & Lovely Vs Fair & Lovely Menz Active, Fair and Handsome, etc.
The current stigma associated with beauty for men and also the rift between the sexes does not let men touch anything that is remotely feminine. India is definitely one of the more masculine cultures where males would like to keep an arm's length from products associated to females. No one will publicly admit using a product or get caught anywhere around it. Yet, products are flying off the shelves really fast.
With such a strong feminine image attached with L'Oreal, how would you as a brand manager deal with the task of making a success out of Menexpert and thus come close to Men too? What role can women play to help you out?
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