Sunday, January 25, 2009

Just Another Explorer : Balanced Score Card of Life!!!

Hello Friends

The first diagram you are seeing is of Balanced Score Card for Corporates as designed by Kaplan and Norton.

It talks about the four perspectives

  1. Financial

  2. Customer

  3. Internal Business

  4. Innovation and Learning

You can read more about this balanced score in my other articles in the same blog.

Taking inspiration by Kaplan and Norton, I designed the Balanced Score Card of Life, which is in second diagram.
It talks about again four perspectives:
  1. Wealth
  2. Health
  3. Career
  4. Personal Life

I am working on this concept for last 1 year. I am putting this article to get more ideas from the readers. The ultimate goal is to be able to implement in my personal life.

I will write more articles on this concept soon.


Just Another Explorer

(Prabal Aggarwal)

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Greg Kilgore said...

Prabal, your model seems to lack at least a couple dimensions from what I can see... (1) the inspiration for self-interested motivation (as expressed by Kaplan and Norton's "Internal Business Perspective/What Must We Excel At?"); and (2) a prompt for continuous improvement (as expressed by Kaplan and Norton's "Can We Continue to Improve and Create Value?").

ArUn ShArMa said...

Besides the two aspects mentioned by Greg, this model is very self-centered which is juxtaposed to the Kapla-Norton model. And in reality also, you cannot care about just your own career, family, health and wealth. Dependence on the society and environmental resources is imperative. That also needs to be taken into account.

Seshagiri said...

Hi Prabal, a few chunks that I have been able to personally isolate.

Profession (Job + Business), Capability (Knowledge, Personality, Skills, Attitude), Financials (Assets + Cash), Health, Inspirations (Dreams + Hobbies), Family (Relationship + Their progress), Social (Networking + Good Ol' Friends)

If anyone comes up with more parameters, will update my list..

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