Sunday, October 14, 2007

Business Process

courtesy Anurag Kushwaha
What is a Process?

o A specific ordering of work activities across time and space, with a beginning, an end, and clearly identified inputs and outputs: a structure for action.

Characteristics of process

o They have customers (internal or external)

o They cross organizational boundaries

What is a Business Process?

o A group of logically related tasks that use the firm's resources to provide customer-oriented results in support of the organization's objectives.

Like – Checking the quality, selling the product, paying to the creditors, hiring employees.
Classification of business process

o Operational process

o Management process

o Cycle process

Operational Process

o Product development

o Customer requirement identification

o Integrated Logistic

o Manufacturing

o Order management

o Sale and service

Management Process

o Process monitoring

o Information management

o Asset management

o Human capital management

o Planning and resource allocation

Cycle process

o Equipment life cycle management

o Human resource life cycle management

o Product life cycle management

o Cash flow management

o Material flow management

Importance of business process

o Standard work procedure

o Standard completion time

o High rate of information flow

o Faster decision making

o High customer satisfaction

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