Sunday, January 13, 2008

Executive Search Consultants

Ever wondered why the CEO of this channel is now a part of another one! Ever thought gosh! This chap was Director marketing in this firm till yesterday and today he is promoting another firm.But who routes these people form one company to another.What is the channel they use? Who are the people they consult? This is where the role of an executive search consultant comes.These are niche HR consultancies which hire people for senior management level posts only.The lowest profile people they place are Director,Marketing,etc.But the job is highly confidential keeping the database of candidates extremely secure.

How do these function?

Most of these are family setups running branches across the country with each branch having approximately 20-25 people.What? That is it?Well yes that is true.But then where is the challenge.

High Profile People!

Here is a chance to interact with the top notch people of various companies and getting to learn a lot from them

Getting Across

The people are high profile and getting through them is not an easy task.Making an entry into his office is a challenge in itself

Cracking the deal

Convincing the person to switch his job to another company is a task in itself.That person is happy with his job and you have ot provide him with geat incentives to let him leave his current job and join another company


A lot of research goes into the industry and the company and the candidate's profile.Then a suitable job match is found

How does it all happen?

A client of yours say Pepsi approached you taht they are looking for a Director,HR.The consultancy will start with doing a research on the industry and company and the candidate's profile and then approach the suitable candidate with an offer.Various people will be shortlisted for the same and finally the most appropriate candidate is appointed by the client.

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