Monday, January 14, 2008

Shahrukh Khan and Cricket-The Branding Perspective

Shahrukh Khan and Cricket-The Branding Perspective

Two brands in the market that carry a personality that is dominating, enlightening and controversial. Let us see what is different between the two. The former lives a reel life and the latter lives a real life. We must remember that there are no retakes on the cricket field. They have to face real people and play their part.

The commonality between two is the hype. A testimony of the same is the huge number of products endorsed by them. Now what is interesting is the relationship between the two. Where do we see them together? And who is it benefiting the most form the brand image.


We see them together on television advertisements, TV shows. The most recent show we saw was on Star TV called Chak De Yaara! Where Shahrukh was there entertaining the cricketers and here we saw the cricketers having a great time with the filmstar.

Who benefits the most?

I would say it is the media and advertising agencies.These brands prevail in the market making their presence felt all the time and creating resonating relationships with the customers.

The Impact

A Shahrukh Khan in Chak De India makes hockey a popular sport which had become extinct and a cricketer in an advertisement makes the product popular. But it is important to realize both can have serious and negative influences on the public. Both need to be responsible in any of heir activities as people idolize them.

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