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Entrepreneur Profle-R Sriram,Former CEO of Crossword Bookstores Ltd.

R. Sriram, Former CEO of Crossword Bookstores Ltd.

Sriram is a pioneer in the retail industry in India and has helped start and grow two bookstores: Walden in Hyderabad and Crossword in Mumbai.
It was about 20 years ago that Landmark, a well-known bookstore chain based in Chennai unleashed what has become a fairly lucrative market in India: bookstores. Sriram started his career at Landmark quite by accident and learnt the ropes of the trade of book retailing in his first job. After a few years along with two of his colleagues (one of them was Anita, who is now his wife) moved to Hyderabad to start Walden Bookstore.
In 1992 Sriram and Anita relocated to Mumbai to start the Crossword chain of bookstores. The couple along with a dedicated staff spent over a decade in creating and expanding the Crossword chain of bookstores. The couple helped create a unique chain of bookstores, where the comfort of the readers was their primary focus. The wanted to encourage readers to drop by, browse, and buy books.
Sriram was also responsible for setting up the Crossword Book Award, which is modeled after the famous Booker Prize. The Crossword Book Award is the first of its kind introduced in India.
Sriram is passionate about his books and it shows both at his home and the stores, where he has a special section called "Sriram Recommends." He is a voracious reader, and still finds time to read books.

Sriram lives with his wife Anita, and their new daughter Kavya in Mumbai.

Sriram believes that few pleasures in life equal that of a few quiet hours with a good book. He derives great pleasure in infecting other readers with his enthusiam for the books that he has enjoyed.

Crossword was founded in 1992 by Mr R. Sriram and Ms K. Anita along with a young team from India Book House Limited and the first Crossword store opened on 15th October 1992 at Mahalaxmi, Mumbai. Currently, Crossword Bookstores Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary Company of Shopper’s Stop Ltd – India’s leading department store chain. The Holding Company inter-alia also acts as a Master Franchisee of the Company.Their first franchisees, Mr. Gaurav Shah and Mrs. Supriya Shah, were appointed in 1995 and the first franchise store opened on 7th October 1995 in Ahmedabad spread over an area of 4500 sq. ft. With their passion and commitment it has grown over the years and is currently spread over 15,000 sq. ft. in the same location. Gaurav and Supriya have also opened three Crossword Corners in Ahmedabad and operate a total of four stores currently.Crossword has grown to 37 stores today over 10 cities, with a mix of company owned and franchised stores.R Sriram Quits Crossword, to start Consultancy
Now he is starting a consulting practice in the retailing, publishing and consumer space .But, he will continue to be a consultant to Crossword.

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murtaza said...

this is really a brath taking story, of how a young man started a venture which change a lot of lives....
salute to this man

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