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Scheduling problems are ubiquitous and appear in many forms, from classic job-shop scheduling to manpower and service scheduling, from product assembly sequencing to logistics resource allocation and scheduling. Scheduling has become an important component of business processes such as supply chain management, and it has its own range of successful software tool vendors. It can make consistent choices; infer their implications, balance priorities and preferences, and help cope with uncertainty and change. It has innumerous application whether a company involved in manufacturing, workforce management, product configuration, or any other activity that helps move goods through the consumer demand chain, it will face a multitude of constraints and variables that must be fully accounted for in order to perform proper planning.
Constraint based scheduling comes very handy when an analyst is juggled up with too many resources, to fit in within too many alternatives given a time constraint. E.g. (1) decisions on activities of retail staffing, their deployment and their sales criteria at different regions; product configuration; Single-Track Railway Scheduling; inventory management; product development projects with time-limited constraints; job scheduling problems; steelmaking industry; forming bus driver’s schedules; single track railway scheduling problems; ammunition inventory planner, factory scheduling etc.
In a typical scheduling problem, resources are scarce and constrained in various ways (e.g., in the capacity of resources and the order of activities), and one is looking for a schedule of the activities that both satisfies the constraints and is optimal according to some criterion (e.g., the length of the schedule).
It makes contributions in the sense that
It demonstrated the application of constrained based techniques for solving a broad class of resource management problems.
It found out the impact of CBS computing technique on business decisions and how those have been impacted by it.
It found out the scope and viability of constraint based scheduling in fast technologically changing environment.

This Research paper has been completed with due help from Mr. Preet Sharma

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