Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Glass Ceiling

The “glass ceiling” means an invisible, but virtually impenetrable, barrier between women and the executive suite, preventing them from reaching the highest levels of the corporate world regardless of their accomplishments
and merits. The term refers to specific attitudinal and organizational barriers that severely limit opportunities for the upward mobility of qualified women candidates.

We have heard of racial discrimination and othe kinds of discrimination.Glass ceiling is yet another question to the equality if men and women in the industry.How many names of women do we hear who have attainedthe highest positions in an organization.Ever wondered why?Not that they are not capable and cannot compete with men but because of glass ceiling.
The emergence of women leaders in organizations around the world has changed the working environment and management of even the most male dominated firms. The changing demographics and labor force are reinforcing this trend and will likely continue to do so over the next decade.
The glass ceiling has consequences not only for the women themselves, but also for the organizations they work for :their reputations and their ability to maximize their productivity and growth.
Companies and societies cannot afford to waste the full potential of half of their workforce and undermine their competitiveness. Rather, they need to capitalize upon the skills of women,
valuing and encouraging women’s professional growth and development. Moreover, they must create a business culture that supports innovation and high performance, which requires many different people with diverse talents and thinking styles.

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