Monday, July 16, 2007

Brand Identity Prism - some examples

Brand Identity Prism

As per Kapferer, Brand identity can be defined by six parameters:
5.Self Image

Out of which, Personality, Culture & Self Image is an internal identity, which an organization looks at. The rest, Physique, Relationship and the Reflection is an external identity, with respect to a consumer. Lets go into each of them one by one:

1. Personality
a. Personification of brand
b. What kind of person it would be, if it were a human being
c. Examples: Confident, Social, Flamboyant, Arrogant, Energetic etc
Kingfisher & Virgin Airlines brand personality may be that of flamboyant or rich

2. Physique
a. Mentions physical facets – tangible things
b. It will include packaging, product look and feel
c. Examples: Packaging color, product features etc
Apple I-pod browsing physique will include its dial capabilities, the screen, and its connectivity with musical devices

3. Culture
a. Set of values feeding the brand’s inspiration
b. Rules governing the brand in its outward signs like product and communication
c. Examples: Indian, Western, Contemporary, Narcissist, Urban
“Kitchens of India” takes its culture from the Indian cuisines made and packed for the consumers

4. Relationship
a. Transactions between people
b. Examples: Trust, Energy, Strong bonding
Jet Airways – Servicing their customers to the best

5. Self-Image
a. Through out attitude towards certain brands, we develop certain type of inner relationship with ourselves and brand image we want to project
b. Which an organization wants its customers to perceive
c. Example: Masculine, Progressive, Self Belief
Paras’s Set Wet Gel – targeted towards males have a self image of masculinity

6. Reflection
a. What target consumer thinks & perceives the product to be
b. Factor for strong and good brand image
c. Companies should control the reflection and should try to make it better
d. Example: Royal, Dynamic, Energetic, Confident
HSBC – consumer clearly sees that every individual has specific need therefore customized service


Funda-mentor said...

cool, to the point dude.. This is very much like the David Aaker has explained in his book building strong brands

Nitin Kochhar said...

According to Jean-Noël Kapferer, brand personality should be just one key facet of brand identity.

Jennifer Aaker deserves credit for having revitalized the human metaphor for a brand, but she is causing conceptual confusion by merging a number of dimensions of brand identity into brand personality. Kapferer recommends to revitalize to the original terminology of brand identity as the overall brand descriptor.

Kepferer BIP is much evolved than Aaker brand fundas

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