Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Next Battle Ground Of Business

Hello friends

Gone are the days when the people used to ask professors the questions. Gone are the days when the teenagers used to ask the questions to the parents about sex. Gone are the days when there was something called confidential. Gone are the days when we were rooted to paper. Gone are the days when degree was essential for the job. Gone are the days when Management was all about manpower. It’s the Information Age. And if Information is the power then Google is God.

But is it so???

Is the Google, unchallenged or can be remain unchallenged???

Is it the end of human evolution????

Is it all???


Anybody will today might feel that we are the best human generation ever lived. We are having the best resources, best lifestyle, best of best. But the question is how long???

Is it all about information?????

The answer is again NO.

It’s all about feeling. By internet I can tickle only three senses of mine i.e. visual, typing and audio.

But, wat if I want more? I want to feel the world. I want to be wat I can’t be. I want to do, wat I can’t do. I want to look, wat I can’t look.
The answer is simple. It’s Possible.

The answer lies in SECOND LIFE.

Being a management student, I have been taught different communication channels, different strategies, 4 P’s. But, I always asked one thing- Wat about Feelings????

The answer has finally come in the form of VIRTUAL REALITY.

I m not talking about Matrix. Or I might be. But it’s not the matter of narration; it’s the matter of experience.

Go to and see it yourself. Yes, it’s the virtual reality world finally created. And, the companies are after it. Now, the new dimension is being added to management i.e. Virtual Dimension.

The companies are already fighting here for land, for people, for employees, for businesses and above all impressions. Yes, the companies like Reebok, Adidas, are already there. They are fighting cut throat to capture the business there.

Is it all about feeling???

No, it’s all about money!! Honey!!!

The site statistics

Total Residents: 8,360,141

Logged In Last 60 Days: 1,682,527

Online Now: 35,222

US$ Spent Last 24h: $1,502,626

LindeX Activity Last 24h: $220,674

It has its own currency known as Linden Dollar. 1 US $=250 Linden Dollars

It has its own stock exchange Linden Exchange.

Is it all???

Big No.

The Business Opportunities available here are:

  • party and wedding planner
  • pet manufacturer
  • casino operator
  • tattooist
  • nightclub owner
  • automotive manufacturer
  • fashion designer
  • aerospace engineer
  • custom avatar designer
  • jewelry maker
  • architect
  • XML coder
  • freelance scripter
  • game developer
  • fine artist
  • machinima set designer
  • tour guide
  • party and wedding planner
  • dancer
  • musician
  • custom animation creator
  • lottery operator
  • theme park developer
  • real estate speculator
  • vacation resort owner
  • advertiser
  • bodyguard
  • magazine
  • publisher
  • private detective
  • writer
  • gamer
  • hug maker

And these are very few of the possibilities.

The revolution has just started, and Linden Labs are the first movers, but I don’t think it will stop here. It will be next battle ground for Business Giants like IBM, Google, and Microsoft. Let’s see who will win. But it doesn’t matter who wins, ultimately the glory will be ours.

Am i saying it by reading some magazine????????

Big NO

I m saying this by actually going and living in the second life for more than 100 hours. I m saying this by marrying a french lady in second life. I m saying this after earning as private detective in second life.

Now its up to you whether You ignore it or embrace it. But one thing is for sure You can't avoid it.


yogesh said...

hey prabal first of all thanx to u for such a interesting article. Well yes virtual life is coming but we shouldnt forget that we r living in real world and still we r not so avanced that we forget our roots. Flying in dreams are ok, but dont mix it with real life.So, still i think its long way for virtual world because unless we reach at saturation stage of real world I dont think that there is place of virtual world.

Prabal Aggarwal said...

Man wat i can say is I dont think virtual reality as a life is far more than a decade. And if you are talking about your body. Then bet me, u will urself choose the life of matrix and u will pay in fortunes for it. You will urself take ur children to the virtual reality parks. And you will say fuck the VSAT sessions and lets meet in Virtual World for the corporate deal in the conference room purchased by you in virtual world. But at last wat i can say? Seeing is Beleiving!!!

Anonymous said...

i think prabal has gone bonkers
he has found a way to fulfill his
subconscious and concealed desires
bout gals and all .don't you have phones/vdo confrences to make deals?
wake up prabal baba !!its morning
and get real

Prabal Aggarwal said...

Well again my anonymous well wisher Till You don't see it You won't beleive it. But one thing is for sure You can't avoid it.

Anonymous said...

Mind blowing concept hai yeh toh.. I have to check it !!!

Funda-mentor said...

100 hours!!! dost tu Blogomania ka kaam kab karta hai??? heheheheh ... Fundu concept introduced EXCLUSIVELY on management Informatika dost..This is the glimpse of the future today yaar! sahi hai

Prabal Aggarwal said...

Do meet me there in virtual life. My name is Prabs Allen there. Presently u will be able to find me in Welcome Longue :)

Prabal Aggarwal said...

And don't even dare to look at my wife. :)

Prabal Aggarwal said...

Funda Mentor blogomania is not about work its about spirit. So, when your heart is born free you can do wonders without actually putting the traditional amount of efforts. Your heart is born free!! Have the courage to follow it!! by Sir William Wallace

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