Sunday, July 29, 2007

The man behind Globalization and Marketing Myopia

Theodore Levitt

The term globalization was coined by Theodore Levitt through the article he wrote in the Harvard Business Review by the name "Globalization of Markets".He was an American Economist and a professor at the Harvard Business School.The term was in existence before also and used by various economists but it was popularized by Levitt and was full fledged brought into the business world.

Marketing Myopia(1960)

The Harvard Business Review paper written by Theodore Levitt was a landmark in the field a marketing.It gave the companies a broader outlook .The concept said that certain companies were so restricted in their vision.It recommended companies to be practical and that they must reconsider their vision and redefine the markets.It gave a new direction to the strategies executed by the companies.

Publications and Books by Levitt:
1. The Marketing Imagination
2. Marketing for Business Growth
3. The Third Sector: New Tactics for a Responsive Society
4. Marketing: A Contemporary Analysis
5. The Marketing Mode (1969)
6. Industrial Purchasing Behavior: A Study of Communication Effects (1964), and Innovation in Marketing

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