Sunday, July 15, 2007

Virgin Marketing

What do you think when someone mentions virgin, someone who hasn't had sex yet. True, but for once am not talking about virgins in the sexual connotation.

The 21st century Virgin, is someone who has not tried out a product/service and is waiting for the first opportunity that allows him to do so. I know its sounds a lot like the usual virgin, that makes my job of explaining easier, but the "Marketing Virginity" fortunately is not a one time opportunity. We can be be veterans in one category, say "Buying and using White colored Toothpaste", and be gracefully untouched in the very similar but suitably diffrentiated " White toothpaste with pink streaks" category.

I'm not going to waste my time of telling you how many "new" SKU's hit retailers/supermarkets every year, infact these days everything, almost everything, is new and improved.

So, what are the "Marketing Virgins" like. Like you and me perhaps ? An inclination to try out everything thats actually "new", category diffrentiated, uniquely positioned and sensibly priced. Everyone's talking of superior quality, whiter clothes, stronger teeth and suddenly the "herd mentality" becomes the only one. Noones superior is quality, makes clothes whiter and teeth stronger. Reminds me of that little guy in Mr Incredibles who said, "Everyones unique actually means that no one really is".

Thats the selling point actually, unique. Mostly everyone thinks he/she is unique, and some of them also thing the products/services they associate themselves with are and not all of them have Alfa Romeo's in their backyard. No one likes staying a Virgin, and the moment you provide them with the opportunity to "lose it", they will.

*No relation whatsover to the Virgin group of companies, et al. Virgin Marketing, is my own creation.


Rajat Soni said...

An innovative way of presenting the article

Funda-mentor said...

badhiya hai bhai,,, lagey reh.. aise hi fundae dey, interesting waale!

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