Saturday, July 28, 2007

What is Entrepreneurship???

What is the Entrepreneurship???

That is the question that has been pounced on me many times. Most of times by professors. But more than the times it was pounced, I got the variety of definitions from them. Some of them are :

  • Its about risk taking capacity

  • Its about vision

  • Its about craving to do something different in life

  • It’s a lust to earn money

  • It’s a need to be your own boss

  • Its all about luck

  • Its …………………………

But, according to me
“It’s a mental disease, which masses are suffering from. The only unlucky ones are the few on whom the antibiotics doesn’t work.”

Yes, that is what I have realized till now. It’s a pure mental disease.
From the very start of the life, we are taught to be disciplined, to be good worker, to be good employee, to earn enough in the life.
But, this very teachings are the antibiotics I am talking about.

Our environment, forces us to be what we are not supposed to be. We go to schools. But question is why??? Is it education.

The answer is big NO

The reason behind putting up the schools, originated in Industrial Revolution times. The very reason behind setting up schools was not to educate, but to tame the free man we were. Yes, the industrialists wanted the tamed human slaves for their boring, repetitive and fruitless jobs. But lemme clarify one thing here, Job Means Security. But, so it means chains.

Yes, that is the pretty notion of mass slavery via schools till date. One can get better insight into it by the classic work of Alvin Toffler ‘The Third Wave’.

But, then again what are the ingredients of Entrepreneurship:

  • Courage

  • Courage

  • And only Courage

Here I will like to quote one line “ Your Heart is born free!!! Have the courage to follow it” by William Wallace
I think that is entrepreneurship all about.

I have seen all the entrepreneurs start with one cynic Junoon i.e. to follow their heart. They are called Psychos, Crazies, Unfit for society, and sometimes even evil. But, that’s just the start. The moment they become successful, the very terms used by the people for them just transforms in the meaning. They say yes one needs to have Junoon to be entrepreneur.

So, if one digs deep into the lives of the great Entrepreneurs like Dirubhai Ambani, Bill Gates, Akio Morita, L N Mittal, one will find the common element they were having. It was the mental disease, nothing less nothing more.

And then the fancy names like Intrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship, Technopreneurship comes into picture. But again, if we get into lives of Intrepreneurs like Jack Welch, we will find the same element of mental disease there.

Now the question is, whether this disease is good or bad. I will say here, its fatal. And only the people with the more fatal craving then the disease can bear it. So, think ten times before even thinking of going for it.

At last I will say, Entrepreneuship can’t be taught, it can only be experienced.

Have a disturbing Diseased Sleep

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Well said bro...!!

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