Friday, August 3, 2007

Brand Personality

Hey ...this person looks so sophisticated.....look at this gal...she is so sexy and classy.....wat about Rahul(the most common name of a lover in Hindi mainstream cinema)? Hey he is the boy next door.....What do you say when you think of Vijay Mallaya?...Hey he has panache...he is so cool.....
All these personality traits are those that we use to define a person.The personality reflects the impression one person creates on the other.
Similar is the case of a brand.What brand comes to my mind when I wanna describe it as wealthy and pretentious.A BMW,a Mercedez Benz, a Rolex watch.Such is the personality that these brands carry.Now what brand personifies athletic or sporty nature.I would say a Reebok or Addidas or a Nike.A brand goes through various phases before it actually develops a personality of its own.Initially it comes to the market as something completely unbranded.Then it makes its presence felt in the market.Later it catches the fancy of many individuals who adopt it.Then the product becomes a habit of the people.People start relating to the product and use it as freely as anything else.This is the time we say the brand now has a personality of its own.

Let us take an example to understand this.A brand like Cadburys Dairy Milk(CDM),when it entered the Indian market it had to accustom Indians to the concept of choclates.It took lot of time to do the same and when finally it accomplished the same, it was faced with another challenge.Its only target customer was children.Now there were also health issues realted to choclates.A number of factors led to the stagnation of the brand.
Now CDM decided to position itself as an adult's brand.Once it established itself there it was faced with competition from KitKat.Gradually Cadbury's Dairy Milk made itself a brand for all generations and expanded its customer base to develop a strong brand power.Today Cadbury's Dairy milk has a personality of its own and in the true sense it signifies "Kuch Khaas hai Zindagi Mein".


Prabal Aggarwal said...

well rajat the article is really to the point and crisp. And i can see the life cycle of brand has been captured in it. Will it be possible for u to write about different stages of brand life cyle in detail?

raghav said...

hey rajat
u have captured the bird eye's view here .. really good piece here .... would love such crisper articles on various other management topics (ofcourse details once also 4 those who love reading more :)

Rahul said...

A very interesting article simply and well explained!!

Supriya said...

I would like u to give more details regarding brand personality and can u quote more examples.You have written a good article and I am curious to know more about it.

Prabal Aggarwal said...

well supriya
u can send ur gmail id at or and we look fwd to have the branding gyan from u :)

Virinder Urf Funda-Mentor said...

this is good stuf!!

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