Monday, August 6, 2007

Reverse Product Placement - or Reverse Brand Naming

The concept of Product Placement in films started long ago, with Indian movies sometimes stretching this marketing gambit to the limits. Sometimes you see a Coke label flashed or a hero pointing out his Docker's to females just for the additional money the film would get from the promoters of that brand. This is the REAL finding a place in the REEL.

Imagine, what would it be like if REEL meets the REAL. Imagine a ficticious brand - a brand made up in films that became so popular that a company actually releases a real product by that name and characteristics. Thats reverse Product placement for you(Backward Marketing Approach). And all this has become a reality with the great HOMER simpson coming out with his latest movie.

Homer Simpson is the longest running Animated series in US history and it has a CULT following and fan base of millions. The creative directors had from its inception decided never to place a real product in its show. It wanted to create its own imaginitive world mirroring the reality and bringing to the fore issues facing the US and thw world, in Homer's own wildly whacky way. So what happens when AMERICA's first family "THE SIMPSONS" is about to come out with its movie? ofcourse The real apes the reel.

  • They come up with real life KWIK-E-MART'S ( run by APPU -indian character in the series) - this is done by renovating 7-ELEVEN stores across the US with employees wearing the same uniform Appu wears in the cartoon.
  • They even have all HOMER favourites - KrystO' cereal, Buzz Cola and ice squishees
  • Its reported that Homers favourite type of DOUGHNUT has made amazing sales.
  • Duff's beer - Homers favouritestest brand!

This is movie Marketing at its Modern Best. Imagine a world created just like SPRINGFIELD (where Simpsons live). Imagine the power of such advertising. It breeds familiarity for those who mite be Blissfully unawares of the greatest phenomenons. Tomorrow you could have products being first launched in popluar soaps like Kahani Ghar Ghar ki or Friends and once it gains familiarity, it could be launched in the real world. Thats the Power of Reverse Product Placement.


Rajat Soni said...

Hey..a very insightful article indeed...I was aware of brands being promoted through movies but not of them being created ...

Virinder Urf Funda-Mentor said...

yeah man... this is something new for u marketing guys... and look at my idea... Maybe we can do something on this idea./

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