Saturday, August 11, 2007

Talent Management

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of talent management.It must be something to do with management of talent shows prevalent on television today.Well No.Talent Management is a term increasingky being used in organizations for their overall HR startegy.What is required today is to have talented pool of workforce who can add value to the organization.The process here involves :

1. Enhancing skills of existing employees by training and development

2. Attracting people from other organizations to join yours

Basically getting the right people for the right job is most important in an organization to utilize their potential to the maximum.It is the talemt management team that is responsible for maintainence and prospering of the corporate culture.Today having the right skilled people hekps you build your core competencies and differentiate yourselves from the others ultimately providing your organization with a competitive adavntage.It is said that if your employees are are happy then so will be your customers.For instance the SouthWest Airlines presents a good case of talent management although the term may not have been prevalent than but the essence created a paradigm for other airline companies to follow and the case itself is taught and discussed in management schools even today.In India, when you talk to a Kingfisher Airlines employee he shows a sense of pride and satisfaction with his company.You will never find him brooding over bosses and stuff.Sois reflected in their service both on board and on the ground.

Talent Management is basically a strategy concerning the experiences of people since the time they join the organization to the time they leave it.

Important Features:

1.Alignment of Vision and Mission:

Firstly it is very important to align company strategies to its vison,mision and objectives.Whatis more important is to bring your workforce to a common platform in terms of their understanding of the company's vision/mission/objectives.Only then the work culture can lead to success of organization.

2. Training and Development

3. Recruitment and Selection:

Are we employing the right people for the right job?

4. Incentives:

What kind of incentive our my employees expecting.Are they intrinsically motivated or extrinsically motivated.

All these and probably more parameters can help you manage your talent better in the organization

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