Friday, August 31, 2007

Learning and Innovative organization

Global products, services, trades and quality claims made organization to think of the innovation. Increasing competition is one of the major reasons to rolling the wheel of innovation across world. Organizations nurturing innovation helps themselves to differentiate from the competitors.
But ultimately the conundrum that always been talked in corporate world is; what is required to make an organization as innovative organization? There are several things that are underlying below the name of successful innovative organization. There are certain characteristics which are attached with innovative organization (an organization which truly comes out with new values that can be in congruence with the ultimate goal of the organization). So what are the factors that organization should take care of for coming under the category of innovative organization?
Learning organization is the foundation block, which can build innovative organization. Learning organization is an entity whose focus of collective learning is far more productive than that of competitors’ focus. Here collective force is relatively more efficient to scan and learn the environmental & other related factors, which in turn affects the overall business and thereby gets upper hand over competitors. Learning organization is one which is characterized by collective learning, entrepreneurial culture, structured and organic approach and flexibility to commit worthy mistakes.
This foundation block (learning organization) is consisting of five major foundation stones.

Personal Mastery
Mental Model
Shared Vision
Team Learning
System Thinking

Personal mastery
, is the discipline under which person belonging to organization is supposed to review his vision all the time from all the perspective, this is nothing but kind of self mentoring they do. This characteristic of the persons inside organization helps them to keep their vision alive and refreshed all the time; through their passion, ideas, knowledge and commitment. A mental model is second important support; it is nothing but the way person look at problems and situation at hand. With well focused and striking model one can take decision very fast but these decisions may not be the best. Here he may loose other possible and more efficient ways to solve the problem, since he may find these thoughts contrary to his mental model. This does not mean that mental model are not good; but at the same time one is supposed to refresh his mental model, by asking question on its feasibility part.

Next important thing that supports learning organization is shared vision. This is nothing but making people to work in congruence with the ultimate organization goal, by having shared vision. Individual or framed division may not lead to that much effective decision; which can be taken by having cross functional work across organization. Team learning also works on the same line as shared vision; the only difference is the learning takes place in team and thereby not leaving any stone unturned to arrive at solution. Ideally team player should possess complimentary skills, so that they won’t lose on any point. System thinking is a way which makes team members to think different part of system in interrelated form, rather than looking in causal form. System thinking makes them to think in holistic manner and hence make them aware of importance of each and every part. Process, enablers and culture are parts of business which plays very vital role when organizations undergo change process for innovation.

Each and every action, taken to make an organization innovative should be in congruence with the ultimate goal of an organization.

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